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Living Willow Rods - December to March

Living Willow structures can be built at any time of the year using different techniques. The easiet and cheapest way is from unrooted rods which are available from December to March.

From May to October you must plant rooted material. This is much more expensive to buy and more time consuming to plant, as trenches have to be dug and watering pipes installed. The structure itself has to be watered daily for several months. We are no longer able to supply rooted material.

We can build living willow structures in situ, or we can supply you with a comprehensive kit to build your own. You need to plant away from buildings and drains, please read our fact sheet including where not to plant willow. Click here to download your copy.

Click here to download our Living Willow Order Form

Pricing below is for unrooted willow to be planted between December and March only

Willow Rods (unrooted)

Our living willow rods (variety s.viminalis) are cut from December to March & despatched on a first come first serve basis.

Click here to download our Living Willow Order Form
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